Where Shadows Slumber – Open Beta (Android)

Where Shadows Slumber is a stylish isometric puzzle adventure game in which you manipulate shadows to change the game world – as anything that is not touched by light has freedom to change.

We first featured Where Shadows Slumber on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February during the closed Beta sign ups. Since then it’s been released on iOS, received several awards and is now getting ready to release on Android devices. The visual style is fondly reminiscent of Monument Valley, but the gameplay is very different and the narrative is far more fleshed out, with beautifully animated cutscenes helping to tell the tale of an old man who goes on one last journey through a world plunged into darkness.

The main gameplay mechanic in Where Shadows Slumber revolves around shadows and light. Your character found a mysterious lantern in the forest which can cast light all around him, but if there are any structures in the way then they’ll cast a shadow. When a shadow passes over an area it can instantly change – bridges can appear, obstacles can disappear and pathways can shift. You also have the ability to physically drag large objects around the game world using your finger, which can especially come in handy when trying to line up the shadows they cast.

It’s a very impressive game, with innovative puzzle design, beautiful visuals, a powerful narrative and fun shadow manipulating gameplay. A well crafted puzzle adventure that’s perfect for handheld devices.

Download The Where Shadows Slumber Beta Here (Android)