Where There Once Was Sand – Game Jam Build Download

Where Once There Was Only Sand

Where There Once Was Sand, a beautiful first person puzzle adventure made for the Adventure Jam, has you playing a research robot who must assist a demoralized professor who’s research about the lost civilization of Mu is about to get shut down by his company.

A professor has spent his whole life looking for the lost civilization of Mu but hasn’t gotten that far. This civilization is considered to be a myth, but he believes it was buried under deep under the sun of the desert. His funding, after years of getting nowhere, has been cut and the campsite is designated to turn into a mining complex. You, a sentient research droid, are sent to explore the area and find gems or rocks that may be worth something to the mining corporation.

Upon entering the camp, you will get to talk to Dr. Willis. The professor isn’t too happy that his funding is cut and he may see you as someone there to help evict him, however you were sent to do a job. You must search around the area for different gems. These gems must then be picked up and after collecting enough, brought back to the professor. After he warms up to you a bit, he may ask you for some favors like finding papers he had lost or gather other materials. It is up to you to decide whether to help the guy out or continue on your assigned job, though if you help out he will give you new abilities that are helpful in the desert.

While exploring, you get energy from different beacons Dr. Willis can turn on. This energy allows you to do things like jump or scan the area for things buried in the sand. Over time, you can learn about the professor’s research, the strange totems dotted around the desert, and possibly help him uncover his mystery.  Its all up to you, will you help this professor out? Or just continue to do your job as directed in this stylish and mysterious puzzle adventure?

Download Where There Once Was Sand Here (Win & Linux)