While He Is Drinking – Game Jam Build

While He Is Drinking is a short and bittersweet narrative experience about life, ladybugs and loss, which sees you recalling cherished memories while chatting with your uncle.

While He Is Drinking is narrative-driven experience that takes around five minutes to play through. In the game you use the WASD keys to play though four different scenes – one in the present and three in the past. It opens with you in the present day, chatting to your uncle as he drinks some wine. You’re clearly upset about something and he’s trying to find the words to help you cheer up (and failing). However, a small anecdote he tells about ladybugs triggers some old memories of yours that may help you through.

The gameplay in While He Is Drinking is fairly simple, but the pixel artwork and voicework are excellent and it packs a lot of emotion into it’s short play time. It’s a touching tale that’s well worth playing through a second time once you understand what’s got your character so down.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download While He Is Drinking Here (Windows)