Whip and Boot – Game Jam Build Download

Whip and Boot is a fun little Indiana Jones inspired PS1 styled first person action platforming adventure where you use your whip and a few well-timed kicks to fight your way through a dangerous tomb.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, Whip and Boot is a fun little retro styled romp set in a tomb filled with traps and fascist soldiers. Your aim is to make it to the heart of the tomb and return a lost artefact, but those nasty soldiers won’t make it easy!

Your whip is not only handy for whipping soldiers, but can also be used to activate switches and swing across gaps. As the title suggests, your boot also plays a part, with you able to use it to beat up enemy soldiers or comically propel them into deadly hazards.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, it’s a simple but fun little game which has everything you’d want from an Indiana Jones inspired game – peril, adventure, treasure, traps and a good sense of humor. An excellent little whip-cracking tomb-raiding adventure.

Download Whip and Boot Here (Windows)