Whisper – Prototype Download

Whisper Game Download

Whisper is an innovative first person puzzle adventure in which you alter the physical properties of objects in the game world, by swapping their sounds with another object.

Whisper takes place in a crashed cyberspace where all the objects within it are just white blocks and the only way to distinguish them from each other is by the size they are and the sounds they make. They still have physical properties though, so glass will smash, wood will float and cars will move, but you have the ability to record two sounds and swap them – thereby swapping their physical properties in the process. As the game says “when you don’t see them, things are what they sound like”

It’s an interesting concept that that can take a little time to wrap your head around, and makes for a unique and creative puzzle platforming experience. A strange minimalist game world where you don’t believe everything you see, you believe everything you hear instead.

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Download The Whisper Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)