Whispers From The Sky – Game Jam Build

Whispers From The Sky is an odd and eerie little narrative driven adventure where you are a voice in the wind that guides, taunts and deceives a helpful little being that’s lost in the woods.

In Whispers From The Sky you take on the role of a mysterious voice that travels in the wind. You have found a young Mism (a humanoid creature with a big head, horns and magical powers) which is lost in the woods, and you can help to guide her, deceive her or just annoy her. The dialogue options you choose are pretty superficial, with you not really having much effect on the Mism’s actions (which is probably a good thing as you’re a bit of a dick).

The Mism is keen to travel to the moon to change something very important to her. She’s very cheerful, optimistic and friendly being who can talk to the various spirits that live in the woods. You, on the other hand are quite the opposite and enjoy toying with the little Mism as a cat would toy with a mouse.

The ending of Whispers From The Sky feels very abrupt (possibly due to running short on time for the game jam), but aside from that it’s a wonderful little journey. It’s got a great visual style and the characters you meet are all very interesting. See if your whispering winds will corrupt the innocent little Mism!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Whispers From The Sky Here (Windows & Browser)