White Shadows – Beta Demo

White Shadows is a dark and unsettling Inside-esque 2.5D cinematic action platforming adventure where a little Ravengirl makes her way through a dark, weird and violent city.

White Shadows takes place in a dark and distorted industrialised version of our world, where humanity is half human and half animal. The wolves in charge of The White City have been lying to the public to keep themselves in power, but there are stirrings of an uprising. You take control of a little Ravengirl who is trying to escape the city to a place called Tin Town, where people are rumored to live in freedom. But to do so you’ll need to traverse the City and its many deadly hazards.

The gameplay in White Shadows is similar to Inside, but with a little more of a focus on platforming than puzzle solving. Your controls are fairly simple, with you able to run, jump, move objects and climb your way through the city, while dodging hazards and solving puzzles.

The Ravengirl model and animation could do with a little bit more detail, but other than that White Shadows is shaping up to be a fantastic game. The puzzles are well crafted and the platforming feels great. It’s the heavily industrialised city that’s the real star of the show though – it really does feel massive, oppressive and very dangerous. It makes you feel tiny and vulnerable as huge ships and other pieces of machinery swoop through the air like giant mechanized monsters. It does a great job of environmental storytelling, helping to paint a picture of persecution and racism encouraged by a totalitarian state. The monsters’ aren’t just human-made in White Shadows, they are human (or half-human half-animals anyway!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The White Shadows Beta Demo Here (Steam)