Whiteside – Alpha Demo

Whiteside is a freaky first person psychological horror thriller set in a mental hospital that blends puzzle solving, stealth and randomised jump scares to really put players on edge.

Whiteside draws inspiration from Outlast, with you using a mixture of puzzle solving and stealth as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the creepy abandoned mental hospital you’re trapped in. The current build starts with you being admitted to the hospital against your will, then waking up to find it deserted apart from some rather angry patients that roam the halls and some freaky apparitions – all of which you really don’t want to mess with.

It’s still early in development so there are a few bugs, but the visuals are superb, it’s got some good jump scares and there’s a great sense of tension as you make your way through the Asylum. A tense and terrifying mental hospital horror well worth checking into!

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Download The Whiteside Alpha Demo Here (Windows)