Who Stole My Bone? – Game Jam Build

Who Stole My Bone? is a quirky little narrative adventure game that that takes some unexpected twists as a cute little doggy goes in search of his missing bone.

Your pal, Spudz the dog, has lost their bone (or to be more accurate, he claims it was stolen). Spudz is looking to you for assistance in this important crime case! You can decide how you act within this game, as there are two very different tones you can take.

During your investigation you can be rude to Spudz, your loyal doggo friend or you can be kind to him. Either way, you’ll go forward in your adventure, investigating scenes, interrogating witnesses, and trying to figure out exactly what happens to Spudz’s bone. Who Stole My Bone? very quickly takes a very dark turn, as Spudz is pretty serious about getting his bone back.

The graphic style for Who Stole My Bone? is quite fitting for the jam it was entered in (the I Can’t Draw But Want To Create Jam). The hand drawn artwork is simplistic and charming, with slight animations, showcasing this adorable pup and the characters around them. The story is well written and has some fun twists that take force this short missing bone mystery to stick in your mind for quite some time!

You can play Who Stole My Bone? Here (Browser)