Who’s Lila – Beta Demo

Who’s Lila is a surreal reverse-detective point and click adventure with a 1-bit ditherpunk visual style and the ability to manipulate your character’s face to relay different emotions to other characters.

In Who’s Lila you are a rather awkward highschool teen who finds it hard to express their emotions. This means that you have to make a conscious decision to move every muscle on your face and you even have to rehearse your facial expressions in the mirror each day.

Needless to say most people think you’re a little weird, but now you have a bigger problem to deal with. A girl has gone missing and you were the last one seen with her. Did you have anything to do with it? And if you did, will you be able to get away with it? And just who is Lila anyway?

The gameplay in Who’s Lila blends point and click adventure and visual novel elements. Narrative-wise it feels fondly reminiscent of Brick, with you exploring the school (and other locations) talking to other teens and trying to unravel (or perhaps cover up) the mystery of the missing girl.

It’s a very unique adventure and the facial expression manipulation isn’t just a gimmick – it’s an integral part of the gameplay that has a big effect on how others react to you. There are different branching narrative pathways you can take depending on your choices, and even the demo has multiple endings and some very weird twists. Highly recommended.

Download The Who’s Lila Beta Demo Here (Steam)