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whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing, asymmetric simulation game that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. Simply put, it’s the gamified version of the animated introductory sequence from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Who’s Your Daddy’s Alpha build currently only has one mode: online multiplayer. Two players are matched together in a simple lobby, with the first player picking up the role of the father and the second playing as the baby. As the father, it is your goal to protect your son from your dangerous, unbaby-proofed home. You will need to cover up power outlets, install cabinet locks, and stash pills out of the reach of your son. As the baby, you will need to explore your home and attempt to take your own life with whatever deadly objects you come across.

As in real life, parenting is hard, so to bring some much needed balance to the game, Who’s Your Daddy gives the father character some small advantages. Should the father player perform some basic household chores, they’ll earn useful power-ups, such as invisibility and x-ray vision, which will help them monitor their son’s whereabouts and actions. To add some replayability to the game, key objects are placed at random at the start of each match.

The asymmetric gameplay works fairly well, with the baby’s play-style being rather erratic compared to that of the father. The interactivity of the environment is simply superb; every drawer can be opened, individual plates can be picked up, and there are numerous unique ways for the baby to die. It’s almost more fun to play the game cooperatively with the father helping the baby find novel ways to kick the bucket.

Being that it’s still in Alpha, the controls are a little rough around the edges, so expect some weirdness when trying pick up and drop objects. In so far as the game’s presentation is concerned, Who’s Your Daddy’s graphics are rudimentary at best and disturbing at worst. The baby model in particular looks like a rubbery doll lifted from a low-budget X-Files episode, with its shiny skin, oddly proportioned head, and lidless, unseeing eyes. Unfortunately, these odd graphics are not nearly extreme enough to be considered an active design choice, and one can only hope that the majority of the models and shaders are placeholders for the Alpha.

In spite of its flaws, Who’s Your Daddy makes for a weird and darkly humorous experience that would be an excellent addition to any gamer’s multiplayer game night.

UPDATE:  Who’s Your Daddy has recently launched on Steam Early Access so the builds below may not work for much longer.  We’d really recommend purchasing it in Steam anyway, as it’s very cheap the dev plans to add a whole host of great improvements.  Check out the Steam Early Access page here.

Download The OLD Who’s Your Daddy Build Here (Windows & Mac)

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  1. Fun game, but the lobby system is shit. Not easy to set up games with friends without random people taking their place and starting the game automatically

    • im guessing you know this now but for other people in the latest version there is an option to make private games with passwords

  2. “it’s the gamified version of the animated introductory sequence from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” And while Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was released with a PG rating, you can be absolutely certain that if this game, with analogous content (but lacking the violence and sexual suggestiveness of WFRR?), would never have a hope of getting anything but an M rating.

  3. This game doesn’t need amazing graphics to fulfull it’s goal and maintain being a great game. Not every game needs to have amazing graphics. What this game here has is the ability to make a group of friends laugh and have a great time watching their friends play. Plus, the comment in the article about the rudimentary graphics is odd because I would find the baby being realistic looking to be more disturbing.

    This is the basis for a great game and could include several levels and objectives as simple as trying to bring a baby to the grocery store and get a list of groceries without letting the kid die, or worse a visit to the park.

    I say great job and keep up the great work. No need to polish this too much. A similar game with a great concept and rudimentary graphics is The Ship. That game was GREAT based on gameplay and the rudimentary graphics served a purpose, limiting the players ability to discern npc from player.

  4. seems one sided, like there’s a lot of stuff to kill to baby but not much for the dad to stop it. like the outlets, how do i cover them? and all the batteries, i can’t grab the case of them but the baby can eat them individually, but i can’t move them that fast. allow the dad to crouch to grab things easier. also grab things out of the baby’s hand. maybe the baby could climb up certain things like the couch or the bed. still a fun concept, and executed pretty well. i’d maybe take out jumping since it doesn’t help much. i definitely look forward to this project’s development

    • Most of the things you mentioned are in the game. To cover stuff, grab power outlet covers out of either the kitchen or bathroom drawers. The dad can crouch. To grab things out of the baby’s hand, press E or Right click on it. It’s actually very daddy sided, as there is always pills, power outlet covers and cabinet locks available in one of two very close locations.

  5. I actually found it far too easy for Dad to win. All he has to do is rush to the padlock and lock every cabinet, then follow the baby around with the pills. I think each of the Dad items need limited charges (3?) so that he’s forced to adapt, and that the baby even has a chance. It’s very boring to play the baby now that people have caught on to the flawless strategy.

  6. More ways to kill the baby (maybe make it that the baby can jump into the sink by some way or poring a frying pan that you can use or maybe having more hiding places so the dad can’t find you as easily but still possible) and a way to open the cabinets as the baby like a key.

  7. In the new version, there is a glitch where if you jump when you are in front of the oven drawer with the door closed, and you keep moving toward the drawer, then you go inside of the drawer, and the dad can’t reach you to give you the pills. This is a urgent problem that needs to be fixed.

  8. tried both the old and new versions of game on two different computers, and did not work whatsoever. couldn’t connect to server, so totally unable to play the game at all. so bummed!

  9. If I was to make any suggestion I would say it needs more flavor. More visual comedy and chain reactions. Similar to what has been done do Catlateral Damage.

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