Who’s Your Daddy – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a fabulous asymmetric multiplayer game we first covered a few weeks ago, in which one player controls a baby that’s determined to kill itself using a variety of household objects, while the other player controls the hapless father, running around after it, attempting to baby-proof the house and save his infant son from a premature demise.

The daddy attempts to prevent the baby from dying by performing acts such as covering power outlets, locking cabinets hiding dangerous substances.  He can also gain useful power-ups, such as X-Ray vision and invisibility by performing household chores.  Meanwhile the baby can put itself in harms way in a variety of ways throughout the house – from sticking forks into power outlets, to drinking household cleaning products.

What started off as a throwaway joke on FunnyJunk.com has turned into a big hit across YouTube, Reddit and Tumblr.  After being Greenlit on Steam in under a week, Who’s Your Daddy is now available on Steam Early Access.  The dev plans to add a whole host of features, including character customisation, single player, split screen support, more TV channels and pets.  It’s not easy being a daddy, but it’s great fun, and it’s going to get a whole lot more fun too!

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