Wickland – Open Beta


Wickland is an old school arena FPS heavily inspired by classic 90’s shooters like Heretic and Hexen, allowing you to morph into several different deadly beasts and frag your foe with unique attacks.

In Wickland the goal is very simple – kill your opponent.  When in your camp (a lobby with up to 64 players) you challenge another player to a duel by scrolling to the player and clicking on the duel button.  Players start as human characters with the ability to morph into other beast characters that are scattered around the map. The beasts are unique, which means that once a beast has been taken by a player, it will not respawn until the beast has been killed.  Other types of items are also available and placed strategically around the map (potions, armour, etc.) to aid your battle.

This is no namby pamby CoD-like, Wickland a proper old school arena shooter, but with wall running, modern visuals and a very cool beast morphing mechanic.  A mighty morphing retro shooter.

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