Wigged Out – Open Beta

Wigged Out is a wonderfully chaotic historically inaccurate ball game where players attempt to outscore each other in fast paced mathes that blend pinball, soccer and slapstick carnage!

The aim in each match of Wigged Out is as simple as a traditional game of soccer – knock the ball into the opponent’s goal. However, the ball is gigantic and the arenas are a far shout from a soccer pitch!

Wigged Out features over 80 wacky levels that are filled with hazards, distractions and obstacles that can make keeping control of the ball quite tricky. The arenas often resemble giant pinball tables or mini-golf courses, and among other things, you may need to deal with angry goats, burst fire hydrants and pinball flippers.

It’s a very refreshing take on the Rocket League-esque giant-ball sports genre, with some very creative arena design and plenty of hilarious slapstick chaos. The open Beta is live right now and will run until Sunday the 6th of March. Please note that this is a local multiplayer only playtest, but you’ll be able to play online via Steam’s Remote Play Together feature. You can set up matches by joining the Wigged Out Discord group.

Join The Wigged Out Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)