Wild Dive – Student Game Download

Wild Dive is a fast paced first person runner where a young ferret who was raised by birds speeds through perilous obstacle courses to prove he can fly!

Created by students of Objectif 3D, in Wild Dive you take control of a rather odd looking ferret who was raised by birds on a remote tropical island. As a right of passage all birds have to prove they can fly, which is easy enough for a bird, but for a ferret? Things may be a little bit trickier…

The gameplay in Wild Dive features a mixture of platforming and sliding down long slopes, filled with hazards for you to dodge. As well as sliding and jumping, you also have the ability to wall-run and use a dash ability and you’ll need them all to reach the end and prove you can fly!

It’s a fun game with a nice sense of speed, a charming premise and challenging level design. The lush tropical visuals of the island are an absolute delight and your agile little ferret controls very well. A great little slip slidin’ adventure that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Download Wild Dive Here (Steam)