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Wild Flirting

Wild Flirting, a fun game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you looking for a potential mate via a dating app on your phone and trying not to scare them off with your beast-like behaviour.

You have been quite lonely lately. Being a monster, you aren’t too good at normal social conventions, though you want to try your luck at love. After practicing your best smile and taking a killer selfie, you find some dates via a dating app. There are many different people to choose from to create a match. Once you have chosen a person, you must choose the right responses to seem gentle, kind, funny and as un-monsterlike as possible.

Being a monster, you may come off as rude or mean towards other potential dates. This will cause them to stop texting you and report you. If you are reported 3 times, you will be kicked out of the dating app and left loveless and alone. If you charm them into a date, more potential dates will appear on your app, giving you more chances at love. You may even find someone of your own kind!

With it’s charming visuals, wonderful premise and silly sense of humor, Wild Flirting is a joy to play.  Hopefully you’ll find true love – no matter how grotesque they look, monsters need loving too!

Check Out a Wild Flirting Gameplay Video HERE

Play or Download Wild Flirting HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)