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Wild Terra Game

Wild Terra Online is an impressive massively multiplayer medieval life simulator game in which you survive, craft, build, hunt and fight in a vast isometric world that’s completely driven by the players.

Wild Terra Online can offer different experiences to different players depending on which server they choose to play on – with a choice between hardcore survival (with PvP, destructible buildings and full loot drops upon death) or the more relaxed non-PvP servers where players can just chill out and carve out their existence at their leisure. Needless to say you’re best off starting on the PvE server but if you crave action and combat you can always check out the PvP experience.

In the game you start as a lowly survivor with nothing to your name but some scraps of cloth covering your nether regions.You can then explore, gather, craft, hunt and build as you attempt to establish your own settlement – slowly upgrading it from a humble campfire to a massive castle. There’s no pre-built settlements, NPC’s or quests in the game – every road, building and town has been created by the community in this ever evolving world.

The crafting and building systems are complex but intuitive, and allow you to build a vast array of useful stuff – from a simple stone knife to powerful siege weaponry. Once you get your settlement set up there’s plenty to keep you busy, such as cooking, smithing and animal husbandry, as well as PvE or PvP combat (server dependent) battles and castle sieges.

Wild Terra Online is still only in the Alpha stages of development but it’s already an enjoyable experience with lots of depth that offers a unique, relaxed take on the survival genre. A vast world, full of possibilities where you can build your empire at your own pace and not worry about dying every five minutes.

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Wild Terra Online is Available to Purchase Via Steam for $15 Here

Wild Terra Online Steam Early Access Key Giveaway