Wild Warfare – Open Alpha

wild warfare

Wild Warfare is a class-and-vehicle based FPS, starring tooled up woodland creatures, from the nimble rabbit to a chain-gun wielding bear.

Gameplay bears some similarities to Team Fortress, with it’s class based FPS warfare, a great cartoony graphical style and hats.  The Alpha is fast paced, chaotic fun, with three game modes, three classes, one Armored Walker, and six hats. With a little help from Kickstarter,  the devs plan on making all of those numbers much bigger and add a little polish to the game.

It’s a vibrant and colourful FPS with a firm emphasis on fun and maiming furry creatures.  Impressively it’s just been Greenilt on Steam after just 5 days, so it looks set to offer a furrier, sillier alternative to Team Fortress 2.

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE

Play the Alpha in a Unity Supported or download it HERE (Mac & PC)