Wild Woods – Alpha Download

Wild Woods is a charming and addictive cooperative roguelike brawler where you defend and stock up your wagon as it trundles through a dangerous forest.

Playable with one to four players, Wild Woods is a top-down roguelike action game where you control cute little cats who attempt to protect their wagon from the dangers that lurk in the darkness. Your goal is to face the bandit king that resides in the heart of the forest, but you can decide whether to take the direct route or to visit some ancient ruins and purchase some upgrades along the way.

The forest that you’re traveling through has a day/night cycle. During the day you’re able to gather resources (wood, flowers and gold) and load them up into your wagon. Wood can be used to light a fire at night to allow you to see, flowers are used to heal your character and gold can be used to purchase upgrades at shop areas you pass. You’re safe during the day, but as night falls then bandit bunnies and badgers come out of hiding and start to attack. You need to attack and dodge-roll out of danger, but you also need to keep the fire in your wagon burning so you can actually see your enemies!

Wild Woods is clearly designed for co-op multiplayer, but even in single-player it’s a whole lot of fun. The visuals are beautiful and there’s a very satisfying loop of resource gathering, upgrades and combat as yout little wooden cart rumbles through the woodland. See if you can fend off those pesky bunnies and badgers!

Download The Wild Woods Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)