Wildfire – Alpha Download


Wildfire is a gorgeous looking 2D pixel art stealth platforming game where you manipulate fire to scare away enemies and quickly slip past them, avoiding all contact.

You’ll have to use stealth and your fire manipulation skills to a sneak past a deadly army of swordswomen, skilled archers, and vicious animals. Jump from one platform to another, fall on grass and crouch to produce no sound and hide from sight, call forth fire to your hands from a pit of flames and then throw it on flammable grassland to make enemies panic – allowing you to sneak past unnoticed.

As you progress you’ll be able to upgrade your elemental powers, and unlock new abilities such as fire-boosted jumps and riding smoke clouds to break your fall.  Even in Alpha it’s an impressive stealthy puzzle platformer.  The fire manipulation allows for some pretty inventive gameplay, and the overall presentation is superb, with some fantastic pixel art animation – especially the fire effects.  Burn baby, burn!

Download the Alpha and Check out the Wildfire Kickstarter HERE