Wildwood Down – Alpha Demo

Wildwood Down is a darkly humorous 2.5D pixel art point and click adventure where a highschool senior with Down Syndrome unravels a murder mystery.

The story of Wildwood Down is inspired by and has a main character voiced by Daniel – a young man who has Down Syndrome. In the game Daniel, his sister and a couple of his sister’s friends take a trip to the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey for a little spring break fun. However, it’s not long until there’s a murder and Daniel’s sister gets in some serious life and death trouble, and he sets out to save her.

Obviously the hero of Wildwood Down having Down Syndrome is a draw because it makes for a very unique and interesting experience, but it’s also a very good game in its own right. The 2.5D pixel art visuals are full of charm and character, the puzzles are fun and the writing is excellent. The voice acting is also superb (Daniel’s especially) and there’s lots of great Farrelly Brothers-esque humor throughout. It makes for a very entertiaining adventure that won’t get you down!

Check Out Wildwood Down on Steam Here

Download The Wildwood Down Alpha Demo Here (Windows)