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Wincars Racer is a fast-paced multiplayer online racing game that seamlessly blends the fun of old-school arcade racing with modern-day game design standards.

Wincars Racer supports some intense customization with four car series to choose from: the Gran Turismo series (best handling), the Formula Auto series (highest speed), the Off Road series (heavy weight), and the Sport Class series (balanced). When it comes to player strategy, Wincars Racer takes a different tact than other karting games with the introduction of its special skills system. Taking inspiration from popular MOBAs, Wincars Racers gives each driver access to three skills (Turbo, Stomp, and the unique driver-specific Power Special) while racing. The use of each driver’s Power Special is tempered by a cool-down time, which can be shortened by collecting coins strewn along the racetrack. Players will become momentarily invulnerable when using their Power Special, so accurately timing your skill could mean the difference between sailing first over the finish line or trailing in last.

For those racers who love to show off as they leave their opponents in the dust, Wincars Racer has over 120 different car skins to choose from. With skins that pay homage to everything from My Neighbor Totoro to Herbie the Love Bug, you’re sure to find a car to suit your personal style.

Wincars Racer began its first round of Closed Beta testing on November 18th, 2015. With its killer combination of kart-racing and MOBA-esque skills, Wincars Racer is definitely worth taking for a test-drive.

NOTE: The more you use your Power Special during a race, the more powerful it becomes. You’ll need to decide how you’ll balance your skill use, coin collecting, and speed to emerge victorious!

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