WINCH IT OUT – Beta Demo

WINCH IT OUT is an off-road driving game that makes Happy Wheels-style physics-based driving a whole lot more complex and fun!

The 2D obstacle course racing gameplay in WINCH IT OUT is similar to Happy Wheels, but it’s not a simple gas-and-go game. Firstly you’ll need to manually change gears by dragging the gear stick with the mouse (low gear for uphill, highgear for downhill). There’s also a turbo boost that can aid you on steep surfaces and a handbrake that can help prevent you from smashing your car on steep downward slopes. Then there’s the winch which allows you to use the mouse to latch on to anchor points and pull your vehicle forwards.

All of the gameplay additions do a great job of making a much more challenging and puzzle-based take on the genre where you have to think about your movements rather than just flooring the pedal. It’s a lot of fun and makes for a very unique and addictive off-road racing experience. Highly recommended.

Download The WINCH IT OUT Beta Demo Here (Steam)