Wind Runners – Beta Demo

Wind Runners is a roguelite side-scrolling shooter with Luftrausers-esque dogfighting and lots of stackable upgrades as you fight against a tyrannical empire across beautiful pixel art environments.

In Wind Runners you take on the role of a rebel fighter who is fighting against the oppression of a tyrannical government that uses military superiority to keep its population in check. You may not be able to match their firepower, but your aerial combat skills more than make up for that and you’ll fight fighter-ships, military vehicles and giant metal beasts as you try to free your country.

The core dogfighting gameplay of Wind Runners is pretty similar to Luftrausers, with you swooping through the air and blasting enemies on sea, air and land. However, Wind Runners is a lot more fleshed out and has a roguelite element, with you earning stackable power-ups as you complete each stage.

It’s a fast, fun and addictive game with responsive dogfighting combat and some jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals. Luftrausers evolved.

Download The Wind Runners Beta Demo Here (Steam)