Windowframe – Game Jam Build Download

windowframe game

Windowframe is a very cleverly designed puzzle platformer where you manipulate the window of the actual game to aid your progress through the levels.

We’ve seen something similar to Windowframe before with Omni (which is a game we’d also highly recommend checking out), but Windowframe feels like a more polished experience and uses the game window manipulation mechanics quite differently. Your goal in Windowframe is to defeat six vampires with the stakes that you carry. You start off with six stakes, and can fire them at the edges of the game window to manipulate them. You can gather your fired stakes by pressing ‘R’ or ‘Shift’, but every time you kill a vampire you’ll permanently lose a stake.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, the puzzle design in Windowframe is superb throughout, making the use of it’s game window manipulating mechanic in a multitude of ingenious ways.  It’s a remarkable game which we’d highly recommend giving a go.  If you enjoy it, we’d also recommend HopSlide – another game from the same developer that does some very different, but just as amazing things with game windows.

Watch Us Take On The First Few Vampires Here

Download Windowframe Here (Windows only)