Winds of Revenge – Game Jam Build Download


Winds of Revenge is a very tricky physics based puzzler/flying game in which you attempt to pull of miraculous trick shots as you hurl paper planes at your boss from all around the office.

You are a disgruntled employee who has decided to lash out at their boss as any normal person would do – by throwing paper planes at their head! This starts off relatively easy with straight, simple shots from close range, but the difficulty soon ramps up as obstacles and larger distances are introduced. This forces you to improvise by using fans, heaters and air conditioning vents to alter the course of your planes and guide them directly towards your boss’s head.

Winds of Revenge is a very tough game, but it’s also very addictive, and hurling paper planes at your boss is a very satisfying pastime. The simple low poly visuals are great and there are a few nice little touches too – such as the radio with lots of different songs you can flick between. This can be especially handy as some of those shots may take a LONG time to master and it’s nice to have some different tunes to listen to while you try!

Check Out a Winds of Revenge Gameplay Video Here

Download Winds of Revenge Here (Windows)