Windswept – Beta Demo

Windswept is a delightful pixel art platforming adventure where a duck and a turtle attempt to get home after being swept away in a storm.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics (Super Mario World especially), Windswept is a wonderful old school platforming adventure starring a duck and a turtle. The pair were swept away in a storm and now must team up as they attempt to get home, via five diverse regions (and even the Moon).

Both the duck and the turtle have their own unique abilities and you can team them both up to allow them to use other abilities. You can switch between control of them at any time (or can control both in multiplayer), but if you are hit by an enemy you’ll lose the one you’re controlling until you rescue them later on in the level.

It’s a fantastic game with beautiful pixel art animation, lots of personality and creatively designed levels that are jam packed full of secrets and collectibles to discover. It’s inspired by 90’s classic, but Windswept already feels like a classic itself. Highly recommended.

Download The Windswept Beta Demo Here (Steam)