Wings Of Saint Nazaire – Open Alpha

wings of saint nazaire

Wings of Saint Nazaire is a gorgeous, pixel-based space combat game inspired by Wing Commander and the X-Wing series.

We first covered Wings of Saint Nazaire last year, and it just keeps on getting more awesome every time we see it.  As well as even prettier visuals, better audio, performance and explosions, there’s are more selectable ships, all with unique cockpits and weaponry.  These ships have a great arcadey feel, similar to X-wing, nimble and agile, making dogfights a delight, as you shoot, swerve and barrel roll your way through space..

The standout feature of Wings of Saint Nazaire has to be the visuals though (the GIF above doesn’t do it justice).  Utilising some strange mixture of pixellated sprites, cool lighting effects and black magic, the devs have managed to make a 3D Pixel Art space shooter that’s retro, futuristic and incredibly cool.  Whether you’re blowing things up or just admiring the scenery, you won’t regret getting in the cockpit of Wings of Saint Nazaire.

Download the Alpha or play in a Unity supported browser HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)