Winning Putt – Open Beta

Winning-Putt game

Winning Putt is an impressive looking new massively multiplayer golfing game from Bandai Namco, previously only mysteriously known as Project New Sky, that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world, full of golfing goodness.

As well as offering a variety of golf courses, nice visuals, character customisation and equipment upgrades as found in most golf games, Winning Putt also implements some innovative MMO-esque systems, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world. Players can form guilds, hang out in the golfers lounge, level up their character, gain new abilities, place wagers with in-game currency, compete in tournaments and even enrol in the annual grand championship to really test their mettle.

It’s an ambitious game, which may add a much needed spark of life to the Golfing genre – it can’t be any worse than EA’s latest PGA Tour Golf offerings!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available