Winning Streak – Game Jam Build Download

winning streak

Winning Streak is a silly streaking game, originally created for the “Indies VS PewDiePie” game jam, where your goal is to run, dance, jiggle and avoid oncoming tackles for as long as possible to rack up as high a score as possible for your streaking antics.

While you may believe it’s your god given right to wiggle your naughty bits in the middle of a football stadium, the players (and mascot) are none too happy with your body parts, and attempt to tackle you to the floor.  But for a slightly overweight fella, you’re pretty nimble on your feet, so they’re going to have to work if they’re going to get a hold of you.

As well as racking up your score by running around, you can dance, dodge and score touchdowns to earn multipliers.  Adding to the lunacy of the game are the well voiced commentators who add some genuinely comical narration to your naughty naked rampage.  Winning Streak is a fun game, that will certainly make you smile as you avoid tackles while showing off your wedding tackle.  As the commentators would say: ‘that guy’s got some balls’.

NOTE: For maximum fun, use the action buttons (especially Slo-mo)

Spacebar – dash,   K – Pick-Up/Throw,   L – Dance,   M -Slo-mo

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Download or Play in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (Download plays better)