Winter Wishes – Prototype Download

Winter Wishes is a beautiful and touching little narrative driven game where a water spirit that guides bottles containing yuletide messages through the water.

In Winter Wishes you take on the role of a water spirit who helps spread christmas messages through the water. The messages in question are from strangers who have written a little letter that gives you some insight into their lives and attached a specific wish that they hope to be granted.

You shepherd the bottles through the water by using the mouse to create ripples behind the direction you want them to move in. This starts off easily enough, but as the rivers get faster and more obstacle-filled you need to be careful – too many collisions and your bottle will break.

There are only three levels in the current Winter Wishes prototype, but it shows a lot of promise. The bottle-guiding gameplay is easily accessible and fun, while the messages within them are very touching and show the beginnings of a large interconnected story where people that find the bottles add their own letters and wishes. A little festive adventure full of hope and beauty.

Download or Play Winter Wishes Here (Windows & Browser)