WINTERS – Game Jam Build Download

WINTERS is a creepy little visual novel horror game where you are awakened by a mysterious woman after sheltering in an old cabin during a snowstorm.

Created for the Winter VN Jam 2021, in WINTERS you and your two friends were forced to shelter in an old cabin in the woods after being hit by a big snowstorm. After taking a nap, you awaken to find that your friends are upstairs getting a little hot and heavy, and you’ve been joined by a mysterious woman who was also caught in the snow. You don’t have much else to do so you start looking through a book on local folklore…

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, WINTERS is a simple, but effective horror game with a very tense atmosphere. You are effectively just reading a short horror story from a book for half of it, but it’s well written and has a nice mix of tragedy and horror. The flashlight is a great touch too, that’s used very cleverly in the climax.

Download WINTERS Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)