Wirestrike – Student Project Game

Wirestrike is a very tough twin-stick bullet hell shooter where you can grab your enemies and swing them around like a wrecking ball – clearing bullets and destroying other enemies in the process.

In Wirestrike you control a lone spaceship that must blast its way through waves of deadly enemies. There are no power-ups to collect but you do have four special abilities (two offensive and two defensive) which are on a cooldown and you also have the ability to grab asteroids or your enemies then swing them around your ship like a wrecking ball. This wrecking ball ability (dubbed the “Wirestrike”) really comes in handy as not only does it do significant damage to your enemies, but it also helps to clear the screen of bullets.

Wirestrike isn’t the most visually stunning shoot ‘em up, but it does look pretty spectacular later on in the game when the screen starts to fill with bullets. The bullets move slower than most shooters, lulling you into a false sense of security, but once the screen fills up with them you realize they’re just as deadly. The wrecking ball really comes in handy and it makes Wirestrike more about tactics than twitch reflexes, with you planning which ships grab and which to blow up. Who needs guns when you’ve got a wrecking ball!?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Wirestrike Here (Windows – Control Pad Required)