Witch Hazel – Game Jam Build

Witch Hazel is a short and surreal pixel art adventure that sees you exploring a strange glitchy game world filled with shadowy ghosts.

In Witch Hazel you play an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in an eerie 2D mansion. It’s more of a puzzle adventure than an action adventure, with you exploring the strange game world and discovering its secrets – all under the watchful eye of some shadowy ghost-like entities. There are also a few clever little metagame elements that feature clues about who you are and why you are in this place.

Witch Hazel isn’t without its problems – there are a few game breaking glitches, it doesn’t explain your moveset and some objects can be hard to spot (such as the token). This is easily forgivable though given the short amount of time it was developed in and the high quality of the pixel art animation. It’s a very interesting game, with some clever little twists and a beautifully animated game world. A wonderfully weird meta-adventure.

Note: Witch Hazel does feature a few game breaking bugs – don’t walk off to the right in the first corridor and don’t exit the building after talking to the boy about the racing game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Witch Hazel Here (Windows)