Witch Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)


Witch Hunt is a fun spooky online multiplayer game of hide-and-seek that draws inspiration from Prop Hunt, as a team of Hunters attempt to catch a team of shapeshifting Witches.

After picking teams in Witch Hunt, the witches are given a small period of time to find a good hiding place on the map and select an object to transform into.  The Hunters are then released and must attempt find and kill the witches by throwing stones at them.  As the Witches are disguised as everyday objects it can be pretty hard to spot them, but thankfully the Hunters have a nifty trick up their sleeves – Witch detecting chickens! Pressing the right mouse button allows the hunters to throw out a chicken, which will then stand and squawk if a witch is in their vicinity. It’s then down to the Hunter to narrow down the location of the Witch or watch as the Witch tries to make a break for it!

Prop Hunt-style games aren’t particularly new (we featured the excellent SoulHunt a couple of years ago), but Witch Hunt offers a very polished and enjoyable take on the genre.  A cheerful, charming and stylish game of hide and that’s great fun with randoms, and tons of fun with other friends and voice chat.

Note: The current build of Witch Hunt is actually a super jolly festive edition, complete with Santas, Xmas trees, snow and presents!

Download the Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

Article written by FreakOrama