Witchbeat – Game Jam Build

Witchbeat, a wonderful rhythm-action dungeon crawler made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you using your rhythm to save your fairy friends from within a cluttered storeroom/dungeon.

In Witchbeat you take control of a witch whose storeroom has been plunged into chaos. Your fairy store masters usually take care of the dungeon, however, something has happened to them. With no one else around to fix this mess, you are going to be saving the fairies and cleaning up the storeroom.

Your storeroom is a cluttered and hazardous place, but you are able to destroy enemies, rocks, pots, and wood using your rhythmic magic. The nearest object or enemy to you will have a circle appear around them and you can tap the attack button along with the beat to cast your spells. Some enemies take more than one attack, while others will poof away as soon as you cast it. Your spell is quite strong – it can even work through walls – letting you push buttons and destroy monsters not near you.

Not all of the fairies you collect are happy to be saved – this is a thankless job, however there is a giant door that won’t open until they are collected, so you might as well help them out. There are also some notes scattered around the dungeon to give you more of a story and some gems.

If’s a great little game with quirky humor, charming pixel art animation and fun rhythm action dungeon crawling gameplay. Test your rhythm helping those thankless fairies!

Play Witchbeat Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)