Witching Hour – Beta Demo

Witching Hour is a creepy and cerebral first person horror adventure where you stumble upon a dark occult mystery while playing hide and seek with your sister.

In Witching Hour you follow the story of a couple of sisters who have moved to the town of Hollow Hills with their family. You are the oldest sister, and while exploring a local area filled with derelict buildings you play a little game of hide and seek with your younger sister. Unfortunately it looks like she’s hiding in a very creepy old building with an occult past. As you search for her you make a new “friend” and discover some of the dark secrets the building is hiding.

The Witching Hour demo takes around an hour to play through and really impresses with its tense atmosphere, great scares and creepy setting. The voice acting is excellent and the puzzle designs are particularly clever (don’t expect anything as simple as Resident Evil’s slotting gems into statues). The only slight niggle is that the two sisters are either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to be sneaking around inside freaky abandoned buildings in the first place. But it makes for a great horror game anyway so it’s hard to complain. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Witching Hour Beta Demo Here (Windows)