Witchkin – Alpha Demo

Witchkin Game Download

Witchkin is a dread-filled first person horror adventure in which you play a young child who’s attempting to find their missing sister in a creepy old house filled with demonic toys.

Witchkin offers a gore-less, but still terrifying first person horror experience that proves that there are few things scarier than a creepy old house filled with evil toys. Playable on standard screens or VR, the full game will feature different levels of the house, from the basement to the attic, and a variety of freaky toys to contend with, each with their own specific traits.

The the current demo build pits you against one of these evil toys – a particularly creepy little doll called Marcy. Your goal is to avoid Marcy and find the keys to unlock four rooms located around the randomly generated level. The fourth room will have a photo in it that will complete the demo, but you’ll need your wits about you to make it that far.

You can lock doors, looks through keyholes, hide behind objects and use a music box to keep Marcy at bay. She’s quite slow so running is usually your best option, but you have to watch you don’t step on any of the jacks that are scattered around the place – they’ll hobble you badly, making it near impossible to get away from the ever pursuing Marcy.

Witchkin does a great job of building a dread-filled atmosphere as you scuttle about from room to room avoiding the grasp of it’s overly playful toys. The vintage sepia toned visual style is very cool, the audio score builds lots of tension and the design of the toys is particularly horrifying. It’s a very freaky game – these are some toys you really won’t want to play with!

Download The Witchkin Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

Special thanks to Nokzen for the heads up about this game!