Woden GP – Alpha Download

Woden GP is a very cool racing game that draws inspiration from classic 90s arcade racers as you hurtle around its top-down/isometric tracks.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like Neo Drift Out, Woden GP is a slick and stylish arcade racer with a retro top-down/isometric view. Even in Alpha it’s an impressive amount of content, with arcade, campaign and free run modes featuring a large track selection and a variety of driveable cars.

Woden GP does still have the problem the original games of this ilk had in that you can’t see very far ahead of you, so winning is more about memorizing tracks than reacting to what you see. Also, quite a few buildings and trees have been placed so that they obscure your view of the car as you drive which is not ideal. Thankfully though, it’s very easy to pick up and play and is quite forgiving if you bounce off a barrier.

At the moment the dialogue in Woden GP is only in Spanish, but it’s only really a factor in campaign mode as all the menus are in English. It’s a fun throwback to an era of racing games that’s all been forgotten. It does a great job of capturing the feel and aesthetics of the classics while making it accessible for modern audiences. A retro racing game well worth being on the starting line for.

Download The Woden GP Alpha Here (Windows)