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wood for the trees

Wood For The Trees is a very cleverly designed first person puzzle adventure game, in which you can dramatically alter the game worlds infinitely looping areas as you uncover an emotional tale of the loss of a loved one.

Wood for the Trees starts out in stylish, low resolution pathway in a forest. Due to the clever, infinitely looping game design, you can walk down this pathway for ever and just remain in the same place. That is unless you figure out how to change the world around you…

The solutions to the puzzles in Wood for the Trees may not always be immediately apparent, but they do make sense and often make use of the looping nature of the world in ingenious ways. The game doesn’t spell anything out for you but there are useful notes scattered around the game. If you find a note you’ll need to pay special attention to what it says as not only will it contain a cryptic clue about what you’re supposed to do next, it will also impart some of the games surprisingly emotional story, as you find out what you’re really searching for in this marvellous mysterious wood.

Stuck? Check Out a Full Walkthrough Here

Download Wood For The Trees Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Alright, I’ve beaten this a few times now. The story still has me baffled. Is the loss suicide? And in the end, it alludes to the color being the solution with the brother, but you can’t do anything to fix it (I tried all the colors). :/ Is there anything more? I feel like something’s still missing… Any help would be appreciated.

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