Wooden Floor 2 – Alpha Demo

wooden floor 2

Wooden Floor 2 is a freaky first person horror game, the sequel to Wooden Floor, that lets you loose in some dark and creepy woods where an author used to live in a small house – he’s presumed dead but there have been sightings of activities in the house, so it’s up to you to check it out.

Instead of the originals entirely indoor-based gameplay, Wooden Floor 2 has a markedly more open setting, making for a very different experience.  The game still has the same creepy atmosphere from before, but at the moment there isn’t quite as much of the weirdness that made the first game so unsettling.  It’s still early in development though, and if the dev manages to bring the marvellously surreal scares and inventive puzzles of the of the first game to the open world of the sequel, it could make for a very good game indeed.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE