Wooden Nickel – Alpha Demo

Wooden Nickel is a very stylish narrative-driven Wild West adventure where you are a lone drifter who ends up shaping how the stories play out in an old West town.

Currently in development by Brain&Brain (creators of Burly Men at Sea), Wooden Nickel is a wonderful branching narrative adventure where your actions can have a dramatic effect on the events that occur in the old West town of Wooden nickel. In the game you take on the role of a lone drifter who plans to spend the next week in Wooden Nickel. Each day a new dynamically generated newspaper is delivered to your room and you decide where to go by selecting one of the stories.

You only have a set amount of time each day, so you can only go to so many places a day. What’s more, your actions can have a dramatic effect on what happens in the town (which will reflect on the following day’s newspaper stories. So for instance, what you do with some stolen goods can cause a school to close or if you go to the right place you can end up searching for a mythical beast with a stranger.

The demo build of Wooden Nickel contains the first two days of the stranger’s visit to the town, taking around 15 minutes to play through and warranting multiple playthroughs as there’s lots to discover. The minimalist art style is fantastic, there are lots of oddball, there are plenty of interesting adventures to embark on and the way things connect to each other in the town is very well implemented. One man can have a big effect on how things play out in the town of Wooden Nickel.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Wooden Nickel Alpha Demo Here (Only Available Until Tomorrow)