Woodfarer – Prototype Download

Woodfarer is a beautiful dungeon (forest) crawling adventure that sees you exploring a mysterious forest, rescuing spirits, battling strange creatures and discovering secrets.

You can complete the Woodfarer prototype in under five minutes if you just follow your compass to the missing spirits, break them free and take them back to the forest portal. However, you’ll have a lot more fun if you take the time to explore the vibrant world of Woodfarer and discover the many secrets it has to offer.

There’s a lot to discover in the world, from monsters large and small to monuments and NPC’s that will send you on mini-quests. The woodlands of Woodfarer are randomly generated for each playthrough but you are equipped with a compass and a map. The compass only points to the spirits you need to rescue and the map is blank – but if you find a point of interest you’d like to come back to you simply pull out the map and mark it down yourself.

It’s a fun game that revels in the joy of discovery. There’s lots of secrets to unearth as you roam the woodlands of Woodfarer and the way you personally place the points of interest on your map is a nice touch – making you feel like a cartographer of an unvisited land. A magical place where it’s highly recommended to stray off the beaten path.

Download The Woodfarer Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)