Woodsy – Game Jam Build

Woodsy is a short and spooky first person puzzle adventure in which you explore some creepy woods, talk to freaky monsters and try to track down your house keys.

In Woodsy you start the game standing outside your woodside cabin, but with no keys to let yourself in. To track down the keys you’ll have to explore the spooky forest and chat to the grotesque monsters that inhabit it. Your first impulse when you see the various monsters is to run, but if you chat to them they’re pretty friendly and they seem to have a nice little community.

It doesn’t take too long to play through Woodsy and the puzzles are pretty much just fetch-quests, but it’s a fun little game, with some wonderfully weird monsters to meet – and remember, just because they’re grotesque abominations, doesn’t mean they’re not friendly!

Download Woodsy Here (Windows)