Woodwork Simulator – Prototype Download

Woodwork Simulator allows you to turn lumps of wood into sculptures, furniture decorations (or smaller lumps of wood) using a wide variety of traditional woodworking tools.

In Woodwork Simulator you are given free reign to saw, drill, chisel, lathe, sand and glue blocks of wood into whatever you desire. The user interface is very intuitive, with you simply picking up the required tool and using it to work on the wood. The current build gives you three challenges which task you with creating objects from blueprints (which is great for giving you a little guidance), and there’s also a free-build mode where you can create whatever you like.

It’s still an early prototype, so a few of the tools can be a little fiddly, but it works surprisingly well and even a novice can knock up a decent looking birdhouse (though it’s not a 5 minute job). It shows a lot of promise and could be excellent when crafted out into a full game.

Woodwork Simulator Here (Windows)