Wooosh! – Game Jam Build Download

Wooosh game

Wooosh!, a beautiful rhythm game made for the Music Video(game) Jam 2016, has you falling through the sky with no parachute!

You decided to skydive out of a plane. Everything was alright until you get trapped behind the cloud. Now, your parachute has fallen off of you and you must race to get it back before hitting the ground. As the background music plays, an arrow points up or down with the beat. You can hit spacebar when the arrow is pointing up to slow down and move up, or when the arrow is down to shoot downwards. This speed will help you recover your parachute, but you will then realize another huge problem.

The helicopter you dived out of has been destroyed, the pilot without a parachute is gripping onto a piece of the vehicle. You must get into the cockpit of the broken helicopter, retrieve the parachute, and give it to the pilot all before everything hits the ground. You are his only hope – though the broken bits of the helicopter do fall much faster than you. You will have to keep diving down until you make it.  Save the pilot and yourself before you both hit the ground – otherwise you’ll be a ‘splat’ instead of a ‘wooosh’!

Note: Remember you need to press the spacebar when the up/down arrows are highlighted to slow down/speed up.

Download Wooosh! Here (Win Only)