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Love your day job? Probably not, but if it was made into a video game, ironically it might be very enjoyable. Woozy Waiter puts players in the shoes of what we’re presuming is a drunk or disoriented waiter.

This particular waiter follows the tray they are holding, wherever it may lead them. The object of the game is to stand in the green rings to receive the food, then carry it to a table in waiting. Mouse over the tables to see the remaining time you have to deliver the food in order to receive gold bars as payment.

Sounds simple enough, however the only method of moving the player character is using WASD to tilt the tray in varying increments in order to move the waiter in any direction. Tilt the tray as forward as possible to gain speed, but not so much as to drop the food on it or the tray itself. Drop that tray and it’s grounds for termination right then an there, as indicated by the hastily-written “YOU’RE FIRED” on a napkin.

It doesn’t get more intense than this waiter sim. Grab that food, hustle over to any table, it doesn’t matter who gets the food as long as they get it. Toss that food all over the rag dolls sitting at or laying next to the table and get showered with pure gold bars, measured in Euros.

Upon jumping into this technically inoperable restaurant (the kitchen is represented by a grey cube that lowers onto your tray and blasts food all over it) one may find themselves wondering why there’s sushi floating in a giant aquarium in the middle of the place.

Trying to catch the sushi might end up winning the player a one way trip to unemployment, so tread lightly if you’re the type to explore a game by playing it the way it’s not meant to. Thus the sushi aquarium remains a mystery.

Download Woozy Waiter HERE

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