Word Worm – Game Jam Build

Word Worm is an addictive little word game where you attempt to make words from the letters on screen to clear the way for a little worm to burrow its way down to the bottom of each level.

In Word Worm you are presented with a random selection of letters that slowly scroll upwards from the bottom. You remove tiles by forming words, which then allows the little word worm to crawl down into the space created. Your aim is to get the worm to the finish line or to the bottom of the screen, at which point you’ll go on to the next level where the letter move a little faster. If the worm reaches the top of the screen then it’s game over so you need to select letters that will allow the worm to move downwards (though creating large words will make the screen roll back a bit too).

It’s an addictive game that makes for a fun twist on a traditional word game, where you’re not just looking for the largest words, you’re looking for the words that contain letters that are the most conveniently placed to help your little worm burrow to safety. A simple, but addictive wormy word puzzler well worth burrowing into.

Note: If you want to reset your progress and go back to the easier levels just reload the browser page.

Play Word Worm Here (Browser)