Words Must Die – Game Jam Build Download


Words Must Die, a unique first person shooter and visual novel hybrid made for The Pippin Barr ‘GAME IDEA’ Game Jam has you shooting words as you choose your own western story!

In Words Must Die you start off in the desert with just your pistol in your hand and a few lines from the story hovering above you in the air. You are able to shoot whichever option you want to choose to continue the story. As you make decisions, you start to learn about your firey character – shooting everything in sight just as you do with the words.

As the story progresses, you are able to go to a local saloon and continue shooting everything around you. The choices from there, start to get hysterical (it seems shooting up the local place causes quite some commotion!). People come in to try to stop you with explosive hats, cow-guns, and protective leather gallbladder amor, but it’ll take a fast trigger finger to put an end to your silly word blasting rampage!

Download Words Must Die Here (Win & Mac)