World of Darkness – Game Jam Build Download

World of Darkness is a stylish, inventive and atmospheric MYST-inspired first person puzzle adventure that sees you fumbling about in the dark and siphoning power from glowing cubes to power mysterious contraptions.

The game world of World of Darkness is a very dark place, in fact most of it will be pitch black if you don’t have a glowing cube to light your way. These glowing cubes are scattered throughout the game world, are of varying strengths and can be used to power machinery as well as light your way. Your overall goal is to open a huge door, but it requires a very strong power source to open it – maybe there’s something hidden in the darkness that can help…

Even though the game world is shrouded in darkness throughout most of the game, the little you can see of it is very well crafted. The puzzle design feels very MYST-like, with you experimenting with contraptions to see what they do, then using logic to decide how best to use them. The stylish low poly visuals, strange contraptions and attention to detail in the scenery combine with the ambient soundtrack to create a great sense of atmosphere and help build an air of mystery as you poke around in the darkness. There’s lots to discover as you attempt to bring light to this dark world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download World of Darkness Here (Windows)